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Professional Lens and Camera Cleaning Kit

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Professional Lens and Camera Cleaning Kit


A comprehensive kit for cleaning your DSLR camera and lenses: This kit includes a variety of cleaning tools to make sure that your camera and lenses are always spotless and fully functional.

This kit includes an extremely fine microfiber cloth that leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks. Safe for all lenses.

Also, a specially formulated lens cleaning liquid for Multi-Coated lenses and safe for use on all sensitive optical surfaces including LCD screens. *Note-Not designed to clean camera sensors.

This lens cleaning kit comes in a small carry pouch that's easy to carry and ready for use at any time. It can also hold cotton swab, lens tissues, dry and wet wipes, etc.

It can also be used on computers, laptops, and mobile phones, etc. 

A handy and essential part of any photography kit!

Package includes:

  • 1 x Rubber blower with extra (long) nozzle
  • 2 x Lens brushes
  • 1 x Lens cleaning liquid
  • Lens wipes
  • 1 x Micro-fibre cloth
  • Lens cleaning paper
  • 1 x Carry pouch


*Please note* Due to high demand please allow between 2-4 weeks shipping time - depending on your location. Thank you.

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