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Lenspen Lens Cleaning Kit

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Lenspen Lens Cleaning Kit


No more smudgy lenses or screens. Clean it right the first time, and get crystal clear photos and images every time.

Keep this handy kit with you for quick and proper cleaning of your lenses and screens while you're on the move or before you venture out on an important shoot. 
Keep it in your kit bag or even in the car so it's always on hand when you need it the most. It's lightweight and compact, so there are no excuses for dusty lenses anymore.


  • 100% Original Lenspen LP-1 Cleaning Pen.
  • With a convenient, retractable brush, made of soft, natural bristles.    
  • Removes dust and any hard particles or contaminants.    
  • Designed for flexibility the unique tip holds the special carbon cleaning compounds.
  • Pen flexes to match the contours of the lens.
  • By applying gentle pressure on the lens (in a smooth circular motion) any smudges will be removed instantly with this lens cleaning pen.
  • Rubber air-blower to remove dust particles without having to touch the lens.


Blower Material: Plastic + Rubber
Brush Material: Plastic + Nylon Fiber
Blower Length: approx. 15cm
Brush Length: approx. 12cm
Cloth Size: approx. 15cm*15cm


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