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Ring light 10"/26cm with tripod and wireless remote

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Ring light 10"/26cm with tripod and wireless remote


Ring lights are great for shooting videos, live video/conference streaming, makeup application, taking photos, or doing anything with your mobile phone (or camera) that needs extra light or fill light.

These ring lights are dimmable, portable, lightweight, and very versatile.

Ring lights provide the perfect light for your face with a dimmable light that can be warm or bright allowing for clearer images without any shadowing.

These ring lights have an adjustable switch for changing the light temperatures to suit various applications, from a warm to cool white.

They are powered with a USB interface, so they can be used with a power bank/phone charger in the outdoors or in places where power is difficult to access. 

Ring lights are extremely versatile and can be used anywhere with so many different applications possible.

When used as a fill light the camera doesn't overcompensate for the lack of light giving a much clearer, more even picture for a perfect result. 

This ring light set comes with a Bluetooth remote control that connects directly to your phone for true convenience and versatility.


  • 10" / 26cm dimmable light ring with light control switch (light, neutral & warn)
  • A fully extendable 1.6-meter tripod stand
  • The ability to be powered from any USB port
  • Portable, lightweight and versatile
  • Provided ball head for the perfect camera (phone) positioning
  • Bluetooth remote control
  • Mobile/cell phone attachment provided
  • A wider tripod base for extra stability and safety that helps protect your ring light and mobile phone from tipping over!
  • Made from durable and lightweight lithium alloy


  • Color temperature: Bi-color 3200K-5600K
  • Plug: USB plug ((use a phone charger, power bank, computer, etc)
  • Colors: Black
  • LED light size: 26cm (10")
  • Max height: 1.626cm (with light) stand 1.6m

Package Includes:

1 x LED SMD Ring Light (10"/26cm)
1 x Ball head
1 x USB cable/ Plug
1 x Tripod stand
1 x Phone clip
1 x Bluetooth remote control

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